Two Tetris' try Kama Sutra to promote TedXSydney

20 June 2017

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Tetris, Kama Sutra and TedXSydney: BMF Sydney creates an unconventional love story to promote its 2017 film program.

Two Tetris blocks fall deeply in love. But there’s only one problem; they can’t quite seem to fit. Until they try something a little unconventional.

In the short film, two Tetris blocks fall in love. But there’s only one problem – they can’t quite seem to fit.

The lovers have to try something slightly unconventional to consummate their relationship - Ménage à Tetris.

“We wanted to take the viewer on the emotional rollercoaster the Tetris characters were experiencing in their relationship. From the initial flirtation to that unforeseeable moment in a relationship when a couple realises that not all is well in paradise," "Ménage à Tetris” director Emile Rademeyer says.

“Stylistically the Vandal designers developed a contemporary digital grunge look for the film. This allowed them to put a unique spin on a classic 8bit retro look.”

BMF ECD Cam Blackley adds: “BMF and its partners are incredibly proud to have our labour of love received with plenty of laughter and the odd snigger at the world’s most inspiring conference.” 

The TEDxSydney film program consisted of 10 short film debuts, including documentaries, animations and cinematic essays. Many of the films experiment with techniques such as stop motion animation, live action illustration and photographic collage.

The full TEDxSydney short film program can be viewed here.


BMF Creative Agency
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Executive Producer: Jenny Lee-Archer
Producer: Beatrice Osborne
Creative Team: Alex Derwin, Dantie Van Der Merwe, David Fraser, Stephanie Allen, Millicent Malcolm

Director: Emile Rademeyer
Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith
Producer: Lucas Cain
Motion Design: Robo Dinnerville, Darrin Hanley, Derek Lau
Animation: Julie Ly
Illustrator: Ling Siu, Melissa Mai
Sound R&D: Nigel Crowley

Music Composer: Johnny Green
Music Producer: Michael Gie
Sound Designer: Cam Milne

TEDxSydney Film Curator: Sinéad McDevitt

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