SodaStream shames people for buying bottled water in GoT parody

16 November 2016

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The new ad from SodaStream recreates the hair-raising walk of shame scene from Game of Thrones, featuring an unsuspecting bottled water buyer.

Game of Thrones star Thor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson features in a new tongue-in-cheek video released by Sodastream, in a bid to raise awareness of Australia’s mounting plastic waste.

In the ad, a man is followed home by bell-ringing, shame-yelling actor, Hannah Waddingham, from GoT.

The spot follows research from SodaStream that found nearly half (49%) of Australians said failing to recycle made them feel guilty, and while nine in 10 Aussies are making the effort to recycle everything or mostly everything, 56% have made no attempt to reduce their consumption of plastic in the first place.

Commenting on his starring role in the video, Thor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson said, “Shame or Glory is a bit of fun, but Australia’s plastic problem is no joke. Say goodbye to your Aussie plastic shame – ditch plastic water bottles.”

Sodastream managing director Mark Fenton says while the video was intended to make viewers laugh, it also served as a reminder to consumers to be conscious of the harmful effects of plastic bottle waste on the environment.

“Recycling is all well and good, but we know that most recyclable waste doesn’t end up being re-used. We’re therefore strong advocates of pre-cycling, which encourages people to use less plastic in the first place. One way of doing this is by ditching things like plastic water bottles and embracing the fresh convenience of tap water instead,” he says.

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