Multix and DDB Melbourne warn shoppers to choose alfoil wisely

11 September 2018

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Think you know how to choose your alfoil? Think again.

Multix has teamed up with DDB Melbourne for a new campaign, warning consumers to choose afloil wisely or suffer the ramifications. 

Through humour, the ad aims to revamp consumer attitudes towards the purchase of alfoil and stand out from the pack.  

The ad makes light of the mindless task of purchasing foil, featuring a knight who urges shoppers to pick the right brand.

DDB Melbourne executive creative director Stu Turner says: “We liked the idea of creating a character that would get very upset when you didn’t make the right choice and would punish you accordingly, using alfoil in creative ways of course.”

Multix marketing manager Rebecca Lowth says: “The alfoil and baking paper aisle in a grocery store is just a sea of the same colours and no real defined differentiation. So most people don’t even think about which one to choose.

“However, Multix is the market leading bags/wraps/foils brand and we are constantly evolving to meet savvy Australian’s household needs. Our alfoil is better because it’s made from a superior, higher cost alloy, and with this new campaign we wanted to raise awareness of that.”

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