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8 October 2015

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Boston-based full-service agency Mullen Lowe delve into the huge range of professions in different industries in the latest instalment of the ‘How the World Works' campaign for job site Indeed.

Job seekers can get an inside look at the huge variety of professions that exist within different industries in the latest instalment of Indeed's campaign ‘How the World Works.’

The global brand campaign, created by Boston-based agency Mullen Lowe, is launching in eight countries, including Australia, and will feature 30-second spots locally on free-to-air and pay TV networks.

The latest ads – which delve into the music, sport and robotics industries - are an extension on the success of the 2014 launch, which Indeed claimed increased brand awareness by about 50% in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. 

It will continue in those countries as well as launching in Canada, France, Japan and the Netherlands for the first time.

Senior vice president at Indeed, Paul D’Arcy, said that although the company is in more than fifty countries, the campaign will only focus on eight key markets where the company works on the ground with employers and job seekers.

“We’ve experienced tremendous global growth over the last ten years and this campaign will help boost awareness in markets we operate in,” said D’Arcy.

“We know that a fulfilling career is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life and we want to honour the significance of that,” said D’Arcy. “This campaign shows how committed we are to helping employers and job seekers find the right fit.”

Watch 'How Soccer Works' here:

Watch 'How Robots Works' here:

Watch 'How Rock 'n' Roll works' here:

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