Hungry Jack's hijacks E-Tag for drive thru tech

19 October 2016

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Hungry Jack's has hijacked the humble E-Tag so that customers can get their breakfast faster. Seriously.

The fast-food brand has created what it calls the Brekk-E-Tag – an extension of the E-Tag which can be programmed so that regular Hungry Jacks breakfast customers with regular orders don't have to waste time stopping at the order box in the drive through.

The brand says that Brekk-E-Tag is designed to appeal to mums on the morning school run, tradies leaving for work in the early hours of the morning and regular Hungry Jack’s breakfast consumers on the go.

To use Brekk-E-Tag, all customers have to do is use their phone or mobile device to register their details and their favourite breakfast order on the Brekk-E-Tag page (, attach the Brekk-E-Tag to the car windscreen. The only catch is currently this tech is only available to use at the brand's Tumbi Umbi restaurant. For those playing at home - Tumbi Umbi is 100km north of Sydney.

However the brand outlined that if this trial is successful – we could see it rolling out to a wider region.

“Customers go through the Hungry Jack’s drive-thru not only for the great-tasting food but also because it is convenient and quick, we’re always striving for ways to make that experience even better.

“We can’t wait to see how our customers respond to the technology and hopefully soon we’ll see it in more of our restaurants across the country,” Hungry Jack’s CMO Scott Baird said.

Will you be using the tech? Let us know below.

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