A water fight and an exploding car – Ultra Tune is back

16 January 2017

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Ultra Tune’s controversial “latex ladies” have a made a return in a new campaign from the brand. How long will it take for the ads to be banned this time?

Ultra Tune clearly didn’t learn its lesson in 2016, bringing back the “offensive” and “sexist” ad series, Unexpected Situations, that racked up a raft of complaints to the ad watchdog last year.

This time the ladies appear in the same-old skimpy outfits, but instead of nearly being hit by a train, they suffer from muffler trouble, which results in the car exploding. Following the fireball, the damsels in distress take part in a water fight. And of course, they are both wearing white t-shirts at the time. Because apparently advertising hasn’t progressed past the 1980s.

In another ad, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme makes a cameo as he comes to the ladies rescue after they get a flat tyre in a dangerous area.

Last year an ad from Ultra Tune, which showed the women stuck on train tracks, about to be squished by an oncoming train, was banned.

In an interview with Mumbrella, Ultra Tune CEO Sean Buckley said: “Women can jump up and down all they want but they’re not our target audience" and the complaints about the ads can from middle-aged feminists “who are after equality”.

The new ad is the first in a series of five TV commercials that will run during the Australian Tennis Open that starts today on the Seven Network.

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