Watchdog: Dan Murphy's on "lowest liquor price"

By AdNews | 30 March 2015

How much of a "guarantee" is Dan Murphy's latest advert really promising? Watchdog is on the case.

Watchdog: Hi, this is Watchdog. I saw one of your commercials and just wanted to ask some questions about your price guarantee: I've had issues with this kind of thing in the past. So if I find another store with the same item you're able to beat the price?

Dan Murphy's: If another place has the same item for a lower price, and it's within a 10km radius we're able to beat the price.

Watchdog: So wait: it has to be within a 10km radius of the Dan Murphy's I'm in at that particular time?

Dan Murphy's: Ideally, yes. But within reason.

Watchdog: So is there a range of how much you beat it by?

Dan Murphy's: It's up to the manager's discretion, usually. But we'll definitely be price-beating, especially if you have a catalogue, and we're quite happy to do so. The idea is that we already have the lowest prices anyway, but sometimes, obviously, we can't keep an eye on every single person so sometimes it slips under the radar, unfortunately. In which case we can certainly price beat it for you.

Watchdog: Is that like the ad where the team go into work in the morning and change the prices?

Dan Murphy's: The prices on the website literally change several times a day. If we notice someone else has a lower price we'll definitely just update the prices constantly.

Watchdog: I didn't know there was an actual price check team I thought that was just a commercial.

Dan Murphy's: No, no there is definitely a lot of work that goes into that. There is an IT team that works around the clock to make sure everything is up to date. The easiest thing to do is to just hop online at DanMurphy' and select your local store and that should be reflecting the current pricing in your local store. Let's say, for instance, you have a little bottle-o in your local area, then we will specifically price match that.

Watchdog: Ok cool, well thanks for your help.

Final reckoning: 

Watchdog understands that “lowest liquor price guarantee” is much more sexy than talking about the km radii around Dan Murphy’s stores, but come on: snappy lines shouldn’t come with bullet point disclaimers. Ordinarily he would also have a bone to pick with a system that prices your beer depending on the suburb you live in, except Watchdog appears to have his pick of the litter in that department: we’ll drink to that.

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