Man in undies sparks outcry

Nicola Riches
By Nicola Riches | 25 February 2015

The AAMI TV ad which depicts a boarder in someone's home leaving little to the imagination in a short dressing gown has shocked and stunned some viewers, but not enough for the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) to uphold any complaints.

The commercial shows a woman in a full head and neck brace watching as a male boarder living in her home bends over to reach for something in the fridge. He is wearing a very short robe and white underpants, but she is unable to look away because of the restraints placed on her by the brace.

One person complained: “I do not want to see a larger gentleman bending over and showing his baggy fronts.” Another stated: “The ad is offensive as it shows a woman leering at a man wearing underpants.”

AAMI defended the TVC, which was designed to show how injury insurance could prevent you from taking in a boarder to ease financial concerns. It said in today's ASB statement: “Our ‘Boarder’ character is not nude at any point, the use of the skimpy housecoat was necessary to create a caricature of his ‘overly comfortable’ behaviour and was believed to add to the humour.”

Meanwhile, Captain Risky has received another complaint this month, but yet again the ASB has failed to uphold it.

This particular TVC shows Captain Risky jumping from a high ladder into a plastic backyard swimming pool.

The viewer said: “The ad depicts the entire stupidity of this ad as fun when it portrays great life risk taking.” Australian Insurance Holdings, which is behind the TVC, replied saying: “The scenarios are obviously designed to be comedic. The larger than life personality...and his appearance all clearly point to the satire of the scenario. No reasonable person could ever suggest other than this is an over the top comedic stance.”

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