Day One: Monday 30th November – Save Our Voices Presented by SCA

Ray Martin interviews Grant Blackley and Allen Williams about the importance of local media outlets across television, radio and print in regional Australia, and the emerging need to update the archaic regulations that restrict ownership, making sustainable independent local media increasingly unlikely.

 Ray Martin Allen Williams Grant Blackley 


Day Two: Tuesday 1st December – Can Advertising Reignite Regional Australia? Presented by Boomtown

The last year for regional tourism has been quite the rollercoaster ride. 2020 has seen everything from bushfires and drought to an influx of city-siders departing metropolises for a regional escape in this new working from home world. With more people departing or holidaying outside of the city, regional audiences could be about to become even more lucrative for advertisers. This panel will discuss the role advertising has played in shaping regional Australia’s recovery from the bushfires and drought and what advertisers can learn about regional audiences today.

Brian Lachlan Jan Hutton Zara


Day Three: Wednesday 2nd December – The New Normal: Work From Anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the world as we know it with most people reverting to a working from home lifestyle. With more flexibility at work than ever before, some Australians are starting to exit big cities for a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle in rural and coastal towns. Hear more on how this is shaking up the way the industry works and whether or not it will have broader impacts on the way media is bought and sold.

Michael  Charmaine Jason Maggs


Day Four: Thursday 3rd December – The Future of Regional Publishers Presented by Near

Regional publishers play a vital role in keeping the community informed, inspired and entertained. However, many mainstream and metro-focused publishers have turned their backs on these communities in what has been one of the biggest shapeshifting years for regional Australia. Now some businesses and individuals are taking it into their own hands. This panel will discuss the value of regional publishers, how they can build a sustainable commercial model and why media agencies and brands should be backing them.

Susanna Willie Pang Christian Clark


Day Five: Friday 4th December – How a Grassroots Campaign Helped Return Travellers to Regional Australia

Following the horrific bushfires that burnt through Victoria and New South Wales, a group of Melbourne-based women put their marketing smarts together to encourage Aussies to grab their esky and head on a road trip. The social media campaign #EmptyEsky blew up as it encouraged people to go on a foodies road trip to the regional towns that had been affected by the fires. In conversation with AdNews, find out why they kickstarted the campaign and how it still lives on today during the pandemic. 

Eleanor Erin