Tiger Beer and WWF join forces for animal protection

1 June 2017

Creative Agency: Publicis Marcel (Sydney)

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Your selfie could save: Tiger Beer and WWF are leading the way in the fight against illegal tiger trade.

Tiger Beer and WWF are encouraging people around the world to join in on the fight against illegal tiger trade in a campaign from SapientRazorfish Singapore and Marcel.

Titled '3890Tiger's on account of how many are estimated to be left, it aims to raise global awareness of the plight of wild tigers in a digitally-led campaign.

3890Tigers is part of a six-year global partnership between Tiger Beer and WWF in support of Tx2, a global commitment made by the '13 tiger range' countries where the animal still roams freely in the wild.

The hope is to double the world's wild tiger population to 6,000 by 2022. The six-year partnership kicks off in 2017 with a donation of $USD1 million from Tiger Beer.

To be part of the movement, the public can visit 3890Tigers.com to upload a photo of themselves and choose an artist to collaborate with to instantly create a one-of-a-kind selfie art generated by AI.

By sharing these on social networks with the hashtag #3890Tigers, the global community can pledge to help fight illegal tiger trade and help stop demand for products with tiger parts.

3890Tigers first launched in Singapore, the birthplace of Tiger Beer, on 30 May 2017, and will run in other countries around the world including Malaysia, Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Russia, USA and New Zealand.

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