KFC brings back Plucka Duck for brand ad

22 January 2016

Advertiser: KFC
Creative Agency: Ogilvy (NSW)

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Hey Hey It’s Saturday's famous Plucka Duck is back on the small screen for KFC.

In a break from product-based advertising, KFC this weekend launches its first-ever major brand campaign in Australia, aimed at bringing its values to life and connecting customers to the ethos of its founder, Colonel Sanders.

Based on a saying from the Colonel that ‘life should always be finger lickin’ good’, the new campaign developed by Ogilvy Sydney is about conveying a philosophy that life is to be lived. And that it’s best lived when people are being true to themselves.

To help celebrate the concept, Australian television personality Plucka Duck returns to the small screen starring in the campaign’s launch TVC; a character that exemplifies the brand’s confident, and completely original characteristics. Plucka has not been seen on Australian television since Hey Hey It’s Saturday ceased broadcasting.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday was broadcast for 27 years until it ceased in November 1999. It returned for one season in 2010.

Ogilvy was responsible for developing the strategy and all executions including TVCs, cinema, website, digital display, social and digital content. The digital elements and TVCs are live from this weekend, and cinema goes live next week (January 28).

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