British Paints aim to destroy perfectionism

22 August 2018

Creative Agency: DDB Melbourne

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British Paints want to bring back the DIY god in everyone.

British Paints has partnered with DDB Melbourne in hopes of destroying a consumer problem impacting the purchase of paint for common DIY projects: FOMU - the fear of mucking up.

The campaign, Fight the FOMU, asks novice painters across both Australia and New Zealand to stop putting off the seemingly daunting DIY paint projects because of  a fear of making mistakes. Instead, the campaign aims to encourage novice painters to rely on the security of British Paints products' easy-to-use and reliable quality.

The idea arose from both customer insights and experiences as well as personal experiences, according to DDB Melbourne executive creative directer Stuart Turner.

"We've all been in the position where we needed to tackle a large-scale paint job and felt overwhelmed or scared about how to approach it. It's this insight that led us to come up with FOMU - the 'Fear of Mucking Up.

"FOMU encompasses all of the things that can feel like barriers to starting a new paint job. It's the quiver in your hand as you put the roller on the wall. The indecision in the face of a thousand colour swatches. The all-consuming thought that if something can go wrong with a paint job, it probably will."

The TV commercial series was one of three within the campaign, which also ran across digital, social and instore mediums.

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