15 April 2010

Advertiser: UNICEF

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Art Director: Lee Jackson
Digital Strategist: David Bathur
Copywriter: Rowena Mary
Interactive Designer: Scott Forrester
Flash Developer: Sebastian Servat

MercerBell launched a new e-mail marketing campaign aimed at helping UNICEF’s goal of preventing malaria and malaria-related deaths.

Sent to over 25,000 of UNICEF Australia’s donors, the UNICEF SWAT Team EDM has been developed to draw attention to the issue of the high rate of malaria-related deaths in the developing world in an interactive and engaging way.

With the aim of encouraging donors to donate $10 to buy a long lasting insecticide treated mosquito net, the e-mail also provides information and statistics about malaria and contains access to an interactive UNICEF SWAT Team game

This game is also supported on Facebook, making the sharing of the EDM easier and expanding the target audience. 

Group Account Director – Jessica Davies

Account Manager – Claudia Hirschberger

Art Director – Lee Jackson

Digital Strategist – David Bathur

Copywriter – Rowena Mary

Interactive Designer – Scott Forrester

Flash Developer – Sebastian Servat

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