Race to Britain

26 May 2010

Advertiser: VisitBritain
Creative Agency: Host

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Creative Director: Bob Mackintosh

Creative Team: Brigitta Ryan, Will Miles

Producers: Claire Van Heyningen, Michael Griffiths, Stafford Bosak

VisitBritain have today unveiled a new campaign which aims to encourage Australia's Generation Y to travel to Britain on holidays.

The online campaign uses a promotional mechanic which sees participants interact with content about the UK. 

The first two participants to virtually reach Britain will win two flights to London with Virgin Atlantic, with another pair pof flight soffered as a prize draw to all participants. 

The campaign hub sits on www.AussiesLoveUK.com.au.

The online platform invites participants to enter their own virtual plane into a race to Britain.

The planes get propelled by sharing and adding content related to British experiences – with the most active and connected participants advancing the quickest, and the best content being rewarded with minor prizes. 

Host developed the website in collaboration with C4, based on their Ripple social media platform.

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