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27 April 2010

Advertiser: Skins

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National creative directors: Paul Fenton and Rob Martin-Murphy
Art director: Luke Duggan
Writer: Andrew Allsop
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Production: Sweet Shop

Sportswear garment brand Skins tackles the issue of cynicism around the way big money is corrupting sport in its biggest global campaign ever to promote its new 400 series product range.

The Cheat Legal campaign from creative agency The Furnace Sydney provides the platform for their new brand positioning built around the concept of the ‘true spirit of fierce competition’.

It follows on from the perform “Beyond Reason” campaign launched two years ago.

In preparation for the development of the campaign, The Furnace conducted research with the committed amateur sportspeople target. This uncovered a significant degree of cynicism around the way big money is corrupting sport and the way brands are relying on hype and chequebooks instead of real product innovation.

The campaign across PayTV launched on 7 March in Australia and will be rolled out across

the UK, Asia, Canada and Europe. Print executions in local sporting magazines launched earlier this month.

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