Countdown of Awesome: Wearable tech, screaming babies and Guiness

22 January 2014

Happy new year everybody! Guinness own it, wearable tech is already getting boring and screaming babies! (Especially for Tom)

5) Moto X Print Ad

The irony that a print ad performed better as an online video was not lost on us.

4) Guinness say put your phone down and pick up a beer

No other beer brand manages to balance the virtues of craftsmanship and tradition with a contemporary voice always on top of current trends quite like Guinness do.


3) Devil’s Due NYC devil baby stunt

It’s been everywhere this week already but it’s too perfect to not post. This week Tom welcomed his first born into the world so this one is for him. The horror stunt worked for Carrie last year coming in as one of the top viral videos of the year, we will have to see how this early contender stacks up in 12 months.

2) Myo gesture control armband

We fear wearable tech may get boring over the year as more and more examples join the fray. This wearable armband from Thalmic Labs has combines high levels of functionality with a hands free interface. We can imagine future examples being more discrete and a useful companion to the likes of Google Glass.


1) Google Glass Race Yourself

It’s really a no brainer to integrate fitness apps into Google Glass and that is exactly what Race Yourself does. What makes it stand apart from other apps is that it’s focused on improving an individual’s performance every time they use it with fun and not just stats and times.

If you guys have seen anything we have missed or have suggestions for next week hit us up on Twitter.




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