Neymar and wall huggers: This week's top branded viral videos

By AdNews | 10 July 2014

This week's branded viral videos include spots from Samsung and Greenpeace.

The number one spot was grabbed by footy champ Neymar. The one-on-one chat might make Brazil feel a little better about being slammed in the World Cup.

Here's this week's top viral videos for brands across Youtube, Facebook and Twitter:

1. Neymar speaks to fans

The World Cup still holds YouTube viewers attention and sits top with Confederação Brasileira de Futebol as Neymar speaks 1:1 with fans. Racking up 10,579,286 Youtube views, 6,247 tweets, 53,391 likes.

2.  Proud Whopper

Just for the San Francisco Gay Pride 2014, Burger King introduced a new burger: the Proud Whopper and notched up 4,575,975 Youtube views, 1,702 tweets, 29,120 likes.

3. Wall Huggers

Samsung Mobile showcase the Galaxy S 5 Ultra Power Saving Mode and say goodbye to wall huggers for good. Racking up 3,507,107 Youtube views, 1,571 tweets, 18,187 Facebook likes.

4.  LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

Greenpeace bring in Lego to highlight the environments edge on downfall. It had 697,121  Youtube views, 4,161 tweets, 11,499 likes.

5. Empty Chair

Guinness salutes the character of a community as they down their pints in honor one of their own who is out of sight, but not out of mind.  Racking up 989,301 Youtube views, 339 Twitter shares and 9,549 Facebook likes.  

6. The First Launch

Schlitterbahn Development Group have created the world's tallest waterslide and film the designer plumetting down regret. It received 3,091,279 views, 294 tweets,  7,824 Facebook likes. 

7. The History of the Manchester United Shirt

Leaning on the footy fad at the moment Manchester United feed through time to celebrate the teams new shirt, featuring Chevrolet. The ad attracted 278,380 views, 273 tweets, 5,289  Facebook likes.

8. IRN In Our Blood

One for the Born Supporters. Contains wee steps, giant leaps, meat and two veg and earplugs for martians and brings in 112,162 Youtube hits, 697 tweets and 2,721 Facebook likes.

9. The 2014 #Wimbjuggledon Champion

#Wimbjuggledon. It's like Wimbledon. Only less serious. The one rule? The ball can't hit the grass with Nadal. It accrued 342,924 views, 119 tweets, 1,606 Facebook likes.

10. Sugru builds the coolest water pistol... ever?

Sugru challenges the coolest water pistol with this new invention and  racks up 1,419,936 Youtube views, 241 tweets,  840 Facebook likes.

Viral video chart is composed of the most popular videos of the week, taking out music videos, sports clips or movie trailers and split into branded videos and UGC content. Looking for the virality of each video, charts are ordered by their combined Facebook and Twitter shares. This removes the danger that only content which has lots of bought views behind it is included. 

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