David Droga meets cyberstalkers, gets them jobs

By By Frank Chung | 26 March 2013
"I hear the steaks here are amazing."

Here's a heartwarming story for anyone who's ever received a cease and desist. If you're studying advertising and want a job with David Droga, the quickest way is to harass him online.

At least, that's pretty much what a group of 25 digital creative students from Underground in Buenos Aires did back in November. In order to get Droga's attention, they took the most obvious route – creating a clone of his website, DrogaGiveMe5.com, and spamming him on Twitter using matching profiles.

Do advertising students actually study advertising anymore? It seems like these days they mainly send creepy Facebook messages and wait for the little tick to pop up. I know you saw my message, David.

Amazingly, the plan worked. He even came to meet them and give them a brief. According to the group: “All of us wanted to accomplish our studies and get a job but with such a huge competitive scenario we needed to find somehow, a way to stand out.

“That's how we came up with an idea: we had to work for the best creative in the world. If we could get his attention, we would be able to get anyone's.”

Their teacher, Grey Argentina creative director Diego Rubio, says the project greatly helped his students build their profile, with a number now working at agencies in Argentina, Chile and elsewhere.

If it all sounds familiar, it's because Droga seems to be a sucker for scrappy young creatives who won't take no for an answer – a bunch of Australian students had a similar idea not long ago with Come Home Droga.

All in all, proof that direct marketing works.

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