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AdNews Agency Rankings – overview and points system

The AdNews Agency Rankings are based solely on awards results. They rank agencies not only by the awards they win for their work, but also by Awards for how well they run their agencies as businesses. By combining these aspects we believe we provide a more balanced way of assessing how agencies are performing.

We analyse award results across four categories:

  • Advertising awards, including creative and effectiveness
  • Media planning and strategy awards
  • Digital/interactive awards
  • Direct marketing awards

Within each category there are two rankings. One is for awards for the best work in that field. The other is for awards won by the agency as a whole. These are the agency of the year awards run by AdNews, B&T, Mumbrella and Campaign Brief. See charts at the end of this page for the point scores in each award.

To arrive at a final ranking for each agency we combine the rankings, not the points, achieved in agency of the year awards and awards for work.

The rankings are released three times a year: Round 1 in July, Round 2 in November and Round 3 in April. Rounds 1 and 2 rank agencies by work points only. Round 3 is the culmination of award scores for the year.


  1. Results are sourced from the official award websites or from direct contact with the award organisers.
  2. If an agency has some involvement in an award-winning piece of work but is not credited in the headline results, we will not allocate points to the agency. Any complaints about this should be directed to the organisers.
  3. If two or more agencies are credited in the headline results for an award, the relevant points have been allocated to both companies. Example: a creative agency and a media planning agency may both be credited for an effectiveness award.
  4. We have not included awards made to individuals, e.g., lifetime achievement awards. 
  5. We do not include agency of the year awards when they are simply an aggregation of other awards for work made in the same program, e.g., for AWARD or the Effies. 
  6. Only Australian-based agencies are included.
  7. Client companies, public relations companies and production companies are excluded.
  8. Where awards are won by an agency network rather than an individual office we allocate 50% of the points to the Melbourne office and 50% to the Sydney office when we rank the agencies by office. These are aggregated back to 100% for the network in the network rankings.

 Rankings Scoring July 2014