Spikes day 4 - Managing Time & Appetites

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
By Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane | 25 September 2014

Whenever you ask people about working to a tight deadline they will generally tell you that the most important thing is to manage your time well and plan out the milestones you want to have hit by each point in the day. What we have found is that it is just important to manage your motivation and enthusiasm.

Since we received the Young Spikes media brief two days ago, we have been locked in a room furiously working through challenges and insights only stopping every now and then to glance out at our amazing view of Singapore.

Having gone through this process a couple of times we've noticed that it always starts out the same way.  The first part is really exciting and fun, coming up with clever ideas and cool implementations, then around hour seven tummies start to rumble and tempers start to fray.

It's here that the Lucky Sparks seminar we first saw was exactly right with the mantra "Fuck it!"

Although we weren't 100% sold on the idea at first when we found ourselves 20 minutes through a discussion about whether a sentence needs a full stop, we realised that what we needed was to find that space in our minds where we let everything go, and rise above the situation to get back to the core of what's important. It comes down to food and sleep.

Waking up this morning, we were refreshed and in a really good place to hand in our submission - even fitting in a seminar and the until now elusive chilli mud crab before heading back to the hotel to begin preparing for our presentation to the judges tomorrow.

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
UM Brisbane

Nelson and Hannah are blogging for AdNews while they compete in the Young Spikes competition.

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