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OPINION: Branded content: the fine line between awesome and awful

The Works' Paul Swann says many big brands are still letting themselves down by releasing amateurish work. What do you think?

OPINION: The X Factor: Bookies v. Twitter

Cam Parker checks out what social media says about X Factor's possibly winners.

Ahead of tonight's X Factor final, will it be Jai, Taylor or Dami? IPG Mediabrands data strategist Cam Parker checks what social media has to say.

OPINION: The times they are a changing

Robin Parkes.

Hot on the heels of the FIPP World Magazine Congress, MPA's Robin Parkes has warned magazine companies they can no longer rely on incremental change. Complete transformation is the key.

OPINION: What does the future hold for TV?

MEC Sydney trading director Claire Richmond.

Advertising will continue to play a critical role in the TV landscape, but hopefully it will be perceived more as a complement to the content and less a disruption, writes Claire Richmond.

OPINION: Groovin' with the Bright Young Things

Future, Splendor, Falls, Good Vibes, Big Day Out and all the rest. Iris' Dan Pankraz gives the lowdown on how brands can avoid a #festivalfail this summer.

OPINION: The day data went away

Reprise Media's David Coats.

Google made some big changes to search last week. It means marketers must realign the way they think about and interpret available data, argues Reprise Media's David Coats.

OPINION: Was the Tui Beer prank a marketing hit or miss?

Tongue executive ideas director Jonathan Pease.

While the 'beer plumbing' prank has been getting a lot of traction, our tendency to over-analyse as an industry has led the PRs involved to come a little unstuck, argues Jonathan Pease.

OPINION: Think small, do more of less

Glenn Bartlett

Step Change Marketing's Glenn Bartlett reckons it's all about the verticals. Do what you do well, and if you want to do more, do it separately.

COMMENT: New iPhone squib shows advertisers the truth

Steve Jobs once said, "Stay hungry, stay foolish." Zeus Unwired founder Rob Marston reckons Tim Cook has taken half of that advice too literally, with profound implications.

OPINION: NBN the key to path finding

If the NBN a hot election topic for you, check out this opinion from Bullseye's Jim McKerlie. He argues a robust NBN is essential for Australia's future in a global marketplace.

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Opinion: A bit more than a Tim Tam: Sunita Gloster predicts Global Marketer Week highlights
AANA chief executive Sunita Gloster.

The advertising world is converging on Sydney for AANA & WFA Global Marketer Week. So what will they take away? Sunita Gloster outlines the themes.