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OPINION: Popularity contests and why we need new judging criteria

Vizeum business director Tony Woodward.

Popularity contests have been a mainstay in our lives for a long time. But Vizeum's Tony Woodward argues we need to adopt criteria beyond simple ratings when it comes to TV programs.

OPINION: A bottom-up view of the new shopper landscape

BD Network managing director Jonathan Clow.

The new shopper has little time for complex brand marketing and much of it is wasted. In-store is often where the first moment of truth now occurs, argues Jonathan Clow.

OPINION: Nielsen OCR: Not the messiah but the devil's in the detail

Nielsen's OCR has agencies and publishers talking, as reported last week. Ben Maudsley shows that the right target audience may not always be the age and gender we expect.

OPINION: Why messaging apps really are the next big thing

Snapchat's $3bn rebuff of Facebook stunned many avid social media watchers, but Matt Bowden argues they made the right decision as messaging apps are set to soar.

OPINION: From 'bastard' to 'my beloved'?

Match Media strategy director Ian Czencz.

We already have digital TV, catch-up TV, IPTV, EPGs, VOD, all aimed at giving viewers greater freedom and choice. So do we really need HbbTV, asks Ian Czencz.

OPINION: The revolution will not be televised

Like it or not video is fundamentally changing the way that we buy, consume and create media. Tyler Green of AdoTube runs through the fallout.

OPINION: If you want to play Google's game, let's get visual

Dan Ambler.

Google has started testing what it once said it would never do: banner ads in search ads. Find out what you need to know from Mindshare's Dan Ambler.

OPINION: Gen Y: The fickle pickle generation

Where Kristen Le's Maxus colleague, Adrian Cosstick, said Gen Y were slaves to the corporate machine and not quite as wild as they think they are, she disagrees.

OPINION: Gen Y: Where the wild things aren't

Adrian Cosstick.

Gen Y's might like to think of themselves as anti-establishment antiheroes, but they are actually much more predictable than they'd like to think. So reckons Maxus Gen Y staffer Adrian Cosstick.

OPINION: More than just a job

Mi9 communications manager Ebony Beaton.

The values of Gen Y employees mean we're at risk of decreased loyalty and high disengagement. We need to offer them more than just a job, writes Ebony Beaton.

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Opinion: A bit more than a Tim Tam: Sunita Gloster predicts Global Marketer Week highlights
AANA chief executive Sunita Gloster.

The advertising world is converging on Sydney for AANA & WFA Global Marketer Week. So what will they take away? Sunita Gloster outlines the themes.