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Opinion: Where is programmatic investment right now?

Michael Scruby goes to San Francisco to get a glimpse of what's coming to Australia's programmatic market. If Google's right, in house programmatic teams will be the norm while premium goes private.

Opinion: Synaesthetic marketing - the next dimension in sensory marketing?

Imagine that every time you heard the word 'Derek' you experienced a strong taste of earwax. Well, one person really does. BMF's Thomasine Burnap explores synaesthesia and its marketing potential.

Opinion: Data and people sitting in a tree...

Bryan Melmed, director of Insights.

Netflix may have mined big data to deconstruct Hollywood, but it still needed real people to add the magic, writes Exponential's Bryan Melmed.

Opinion: The RTB future of music, TV, outdoor and mobile

Marin's Roland Irwin reckons the future of music, TV, outdoor and mobile is likely to be real-time bidding.

Opinion: Why is Australia lagging behind in programmatic investment?

Australia is way under the odds in terms of investment into programmatic compared to the US and European markets, reckons RadiumOne's Kerry McCabe. Now why is that?

Opinion: Amazon is coming

The shift to customer-centricity appears tectonic. What eBay and Gumtree did to Telstra's The Trading Post is a warning. Amazon is coming, writes DT's Gordon McNenney.

Opinion: Regrets of a dying ad man

James Procter, of One Small Step Collective, is not dying. But an article on the regrets of those that are dying made him think about professional remorse in advertising. Here's what he'd change.

Nigel Marsh has out-of-body experience at South By Southwest

Nigel Marsh and Adam Savage.

In the land where wearing Google Glass is normal, and people want implants, Nigel Marsh has a typically contrarian take on South By Southwest.

Opinion: Mobile means agile so don't stand still

CEO of Mnet.

Mnet boss Travis Johnson came back from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona thinking that if the future is all connected, marketers better take technology matters into their own hands.

Opinion: Media Federation goes soft on emerging leaders

AdNews editor-in-chief Paul McIntyre.

Paul McIntyre gets a warm and fuzzy feeling after attending the latest MFA 5+ initiative for emerging leaders.

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Opinion: A bit more than a Tim Tam: Sunita Gloster predicts Global Marketer Week highlights
AANA chief executive Sunita Gloster.

The advertising world is converging on Sydney for AANA & WFA Global Marketer Week. So what will they take away? Sunita Gloster outlines the themes.