Fake it till you make it: How to be an 'expert'

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
By Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane | 24 September 2014

Today we sat by the hotel pool enjoying a nice breakfast and read through our festival guides. We were excited to pick out all the seminars and speakers that we wanted to see. To our horror when looking for the session we would be presenting at the Young Media Academy we came across an excerpt in the guide billing us as "leading industry experts".

Now in all seriousness this excerpt was almost definitely referring to the main trainers, Group M's Greg Graham and John Steedman, and the decades of experience and success they hold between them, but it was a very surreal experience to be included in this description - whether intentional or not.

Now Nelson being an "expert", forgot to bring a pen and paper for the competition briefing and Hannah's first move upon entering the festival was to sniff out the buttery, sugar-laced popcorn. Clearly experts at their best.

This was further compounded by our Young Media Academy audience averaging 5 1/2 years experience (more than both Nelson and I), humbling us both in our "expert" status.

Even though we were the ones presenting the workshop in the end we have probably learnt more from the locals attending than they did from us. For instance, Singapore has "cloud seeding" (they can literally make it rain in the city without a rain dance!) and that while chilli mud crab is always on the menu, it's not until you sit down to order that they tell you it's not available.

And so our search for chill mud crab continues.​

Nelson Demartini and Hannah MacAuslane
UM Brisbane

Nelson and Hannah are blogging for AdNews while they compete in the Young Spikes competition.

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