AdNews Annual: Who can we trust?

Clemenger creative chairman James McGrath
By Clemenger creative chairman James McGrath | 23 January 2018
James McGrath

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Let’s play a game, see if you can feel the word I am talking about before looking to the end.

It’s a much spoken of, most wanted, most valuable but critically the most elusive of characteristics.

Never has an attribute been so much of an outcome.

Never has the uttering of the word as a presumptuous hope sealed its lack of success.

At the intersection of excellence and outcome, there will always be that gap in explanation that needs this notion.

It’s a generous gesture, the more you work and create with it, the more you have of it.

It’s an approach that you need to achieve within your own actions, with yourself before you can expect it from anyone else.

It’s a fight of slipperiness, misinterpretation and shallow investment verses a deep personal stance, belief and commitment.

It is the most invisible but essential of ingredients, like a home restoration of plumbing and wiring, unseen but operationally so transformational.

It’s the lead indicator of a big idea, if there is a response mechanism that allows for the humanity that this behavior is based on.

It is beyond financial categorisation but valuable.

It is timeless but in truth takes time to build.

It is what encourages a publication like this, if we can’t discuss it here, who can we trust?

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This is part of the Perspectives Series - Reflections on Trust from The Annual 2017.

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