ADMA CEO talks content, real-time & skills shortages in 2015

Jodie Sangster
By Jodie Sangster | 23 December 2014

More human-to-human marketing

As automation becomes more prevalent, companies will counterbalance their technology with authentic human touches. Telstra has already done this with their Thanks loyalty program where the CEO and other staff personally telephoned one million people to thank them for being customers. Watch for more ‘human speak’ in messages and comms.

Skills shortage in analytics will continue

A 2014 survey by IAPA suggested that 90% of managers still have trouble finding talented analysts. More companies will invest in training individuals within the business to have those data skills, encouraging those from other career backgrounds who have data nous, to be upskilled in the discipline.

The art of copywriting will see a resurgence

The judges at the 2014 ADMA AC&E Awards didn’t award the copywriting category. In 2015, there will be a renewed focus on the art, with copywriting that’s both creative and effective, becoming the differentiator in outstanding marketing and customer engagement.

More real-time marketing in 2015

We’ve been talking about it for a few years, but now more companies will have the data, technology and content in place to actually deliver real-time marketing.

The rise of the chief customer officer

In 2015, we will see more chief customer officers hired in Australia. The CCO’s role will be to ensure the customer is front and centre of the organisation and considered in the boardroom.

Content marketing’s growth set to continue, but there’s a new focus on measurement

2015 will be the year that more marketers put a documented content marketing strategy in place to keep themselves on track. Brands will increasingly turn to social media to distribute content and will focus on more measurability and ROI to see if their content is gaining traction/truly resonating with customers.

Social media in 2015

Social is no longer a separate marketing strategy

Until now, many companies have felt social media should have its own marketing strategy. This will change in 2015 as more brands incorporate social as part of their broader customer engagement strategy.

Measurability is key

It’s been talked about for a couple of years, but 2015 is the year that marketers will focus on the measurability aspects of social media and its impact on the bottom line.

Maturing platforms

Social media platforms are maturing. There will be more delivery of innovative ways to reach out to consumers and more platforms will educate marketers on how to be effective on social.

Jodie Sangster

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