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Opinion: 50k syndrome

Dean Hunt

VCCP's Dean Hunt gets an attack of $50k Syndrome and asks if it's possible to make the creative dollars work harder and still get the results.

Opinion: Is multicultural marketing really the issue?

Multicultural marketing can be condescending and disrespectful. 10 Feet Tall's Derek Craig makes the case for non-tactical communications.

Everything you need to know about Heartbleed bug

Amnesia co-founder Iain McDonald.

As far as passwords go, the internet can be a painful environment as a consumer. The new Heartbleed bug is something of a disaster.

OPINION: Never mind the buzzwords, do the basics

GroupM head of digital John Miskelly says that with all the buzz around mobile, Australian brands and media businesses actually need to concentrate on the basics.

Opinion: Search and social under one roof?

Merging search and social can work, but it is not something to be taken lightly, argues Columbus' Simon Williams.

The dying art of communication strategy

ZenithOptimedia chief executive, Ian Perrin.

With the decline of the strategic planner, who now should a client expect to deliver their communications strategy? ZenithOptimedia boss Ian Perrin says make strategy hubs not turf wars.

Opinion: Pay to play - the new Facebook paradigm

Since Facebook listed organic reach from posts on company pages has plummeted. It's all about the money and brands will have to rethink social strategies, says MEC's Thomas Lyngsfeldt

Opinion: Where is programmatic investment right now?

Michael Scruby goes to San Francisco to get a glimpse of what's coming to Australia's programmatic market. If Google's right, in house programmatic teams will be the norm while premium goes private.

Opinion: Synaesthetic marketing - the next dimension in sensory marketing?

Imagine that every time you heard the word 'Derek' you experienced a strong taste of earwax. Well, one person really does. BMF's Thomasine Burnap explores synaesthesia and its marketing potential.

Opinion: Data and people sitting in a tree...

Bryan Melmed, director of Insights.

Netflix may have mined big data to deconstruct Hollywood, but it still needed real people to add the magic, writes Exponential's Bryan Melmed.

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Opinion: A bit more than a Tim Tam: Sunita Gloster predicts Global Marketer Week highlights
AANA chief executive Sunita Gloster.

The advertising world is converging on Sydney for AANA & WFA Global Marketer Week. So what will they take away? Sunita Gloster outlines the themes.