What's the biggest martech myth you want to crush?

Pippa Chambers
By Pippa Chambers | 7 March 2016

This voxpop was part of a feature in AdNews in-print on Navigating markitechture and budget black holes.

Automation, tech stacks, customised algorithms and mixed model attribution, the pressure is on to keep ahead of the latest dynamic and innovative functions that can plug in. 

We ask CEOs and business leaders what the biggest martech myth they wanted to crush was?

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“That martech equals email automation. We are well past that watermark. Martech is about the automation and delivery of customer experiences across many customer touchpoints - from in-apps through to text, web, in-store and real-time display. We're well past the inbox so let’s crush the myth that it is the best starting point.”

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“The biggest myth I want to crush is that there is a 'one size fits all' from a tech perspective. Handing all your hard earned media dollars to a closed tech stack that can supposedly do everything for everybody is just as scary to me as the idea of flying on an aircraft that is fully operated by robots on autopilot. It 'may' work, but I wouldn’t trust it.

Jodie Sangster

“That technology is the panacea to realise your marketing ambitions and solve your problems. Technology without people with the right skill set to harness won’t achieve effective results.”

ayal steiner

“Agencies are losing their value in an automated, techy world. It comes back to human and machines - ad tech platforms (and data) are as good as the humans driving it. They have the experience, knowledge and holistic view to makes sense in all of it for their clients.

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“That social = social networks. Brands have become obsessed with public social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. They’re effective marketing channels. But the result of this obsession is that brands are missing out on up to 80% of the total value that exists across the total ‘sharing economy’ – with more than three quarters of all sharing actually occurring behind the scenes via, ‘dark social’ channels such as email and instant messaging forums.

Colm Dolan

“Automation data tools do not solve deep analysis by intelligent people.”

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