What's the biggest challenge for marketers navigating the automated adscape?

Pippa Chambers
By Pippa Chambers | 23 March 2016

This voxpop was part of a feature in AdNews in-print on Navigating markitechture and budget black holes.

Automation, tech stacks, customised algorithms and mixed model attribution, the pressure is on to keep ahead of the latest dynamic and innovative functions that can plug in. 

We ask  some CEOs and business leaders what's the biggest challenge for marketers navigating the automated landscape.

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“The biggest challenge in my mind is building the tech stack from the ground up for each brand. They all have different requirements and I feel the ‘primary’ challenge is to navigate the ad tech stack and select the best tech to fit each brand.”

Jodie Sangster

“Working out how to integrate technologies, ensuring your investments are future-proofed with the advent of new technologies like AR and VR and – critically – finding marketers with the right skill set to leverage the technology to the best effect.”

ayal steiner

“It’s the human with the machine combination. How do you utilise the power and advantages of automation (e.g. programmatic) to actually add value and not just more banner ads to the consumers? Native is a great way to do that, but it takes different strategic, creative and ROI thinking. That’s the human algorithm.”

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“People ask ‘Is marketing art, or is it science?’ The answer is really just ‘yes’. Marketing will always be about art and creativity—that is what makes marketing great. But because of this new digital, social world and access to technology and data, CMOs have to be agile at least in the concepts of technology and analytical skill sets.”

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“The rise of marketing tech caught the CMO and CTO by surprise so both need a solid understanding of the martech world and need each other to bring success to their organisation.”

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