Retailers missing up to half of sales by not linking online and offline

By AdNews | 31 July 2014
Liam Walsh.

Retailers are missing up to half of potential sales leads because they can't see where their customers are coming from. But by putting unique phone numbers on search ads, they can see which ads, search queries campaigns and web pages result in people making a call. That means they can also optimise ads and attribute spend to the channels that are driving results.

Salmat Digital and attribution firm Kenshoo are now pushing phone-to-web tracking after inking a deal this week. Salmat's general manager Daniel Benton reckons retailers are “missing visibility on 20% to 50% of potential sales leads by not integrating online and offline channels”.

Kenshoo's technology runs the numbers on which part of the chain led to a purchase or a booking – or other meaningful action by consumers. "It's the glue ... it connects the dots between the different channels" so that brands and businesses can see the full picture of where their business is coming from, and how it arrived at a transaction, global CMO of Kenshoo Aaron Goldman previously told AdNews. Then it weights spend and bids automatically.

Former Facebook honcho Liam Walsh, who joined Kenshoo in April, said linking search spend with offline call tracking was “critical” because it meant they could identify new customers and respond with optimised campaigns.

Those campaigns are not just search, and the money spent is not all apportioned to the last click because the system also wraps in Kenshoo's multi-touch attribution algorithm and the data is fed into bidding algorithms. That means Salmat pays the right amount for each ad based on what it actually delivered to the retailer in terms of driving potential customers to its properties.

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