Red Bull becomes trading currency

By Rebecca Chambers | 21 August 2014

Who needs money when you have cans of Red Bull? Apparently Red Bull is of enough value to be traded for plane flights, five-star hotel stays and unlimited McDonald's. Or at least that’s what the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ challenge has proven.

Red Bull challenged 20 teams to the five-day trek across Australia equipped only with Red Bull cans as currency, as well as a source of energy.

Setting off from five different locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth without cash or credit cards, twenty teams took on what Red Bull is calling a “mind and body challenge”.

With 15 checkpoints set out across Australia, each team was required to visit a minimum of six. The winning team was whoever reached Cairns by 5pm on 17 August, having travelled the longest distance, reached the most checkpoints and having used the most transportation methods to get there.

The teams achieved surprising feats with only Red Bull to swap for food, transport and accommodation. Some managed to swap cans for plane, helicopter and jet ski rides. More than 3,300 cans were traded over the challenge.

The challenge also became an opportunity for brands to jump on board with teams receiving sponsorship from Telstra, Samsung, Sony, North Queensland Tourism and AECC Global and Contiki Holidays who provided the prize for the winning team.

The teams were connected to the Telstra network and a live content feed of their adventures was streamed via Samsung Ace 3 devices.

All twenty teams reached the finish line but the Three Pigs, a trio from the ACT were the eventual victors.

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