Mock Brief: Humanoid for sale

By AdNews | 1 December 2017
The Core Agency's Mock Brief

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We offered agencies a chance to let off some creative steam, free from the chains of a client brief. Tapping into hot topics from this year; the cult TV show Handmaid's Tale, the growing influence of artificial intelligence and the much maligned bin chicken, we set three briefs for creatives to have fun with. This is the first of the three-part series, 'Humanoid for Sale'.

A big thank you to all the agencies that invested their time and talent to be a part of the Mock Briefs feature.

Brief: Artificial is taking over. For now, it's Google Home and Amazon Alexa, but imagine a future where lifelike androids can do almost anything humans want. Create an ad for the first commercially available, [almost] sentient robot for the home - and what it can do.

KWP! 'The Ultimate Cleaning Machine'


In the year of darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the future by changing the past. This plan required something that felt no pity towards clutter. No pain in chores. No fear of housework. Something unstoppably helpful…they created. The ultimate cleaning machine.


Corey Swaffer, Patrick O’Reilly, Cristina Muffatti, Nigel Wapper

The Core Agency 'Next Generation'



Christian Finucane, Jon Skinner, Paul Connell

The Core Agency 'World's First Hobot'


Valeria Camin, Simone Parravicini and Dave Glen

One Green Bean's 'Kardashians Humanoid'


MediaCom's Bring Home the Bacon


Brief: The idea is based around selling commercially available robots for the home environment in a positive light. To bring familiarity into a concept of an AI dominated future that is controversial and almost frightening, the phrase ‘bringing home the bacon’ has been utilised to describe the value and benefits that these ex-military robots can bring to the family. 


Gemma Hunter, Simon Jarosz, Mandy Loi, Lory Vecchio, Sophie Tan

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