AdNews LIVE: Regional Reignited

How 2020 became a defining year for regional Australia

2020 has been a pivotal year for regional Australia, as COVID-19 forces brands to double down on the domestic market. What are the opportunities for adland in navigating this new playing field into the new year and beyond?

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Hear more on:

  • Where the future of regional lies
  • How advertising can help boost regional economies
  • Why regional audiences should be on every advertiser and media buyer’s agenda in this new world
  • Whether or not metro and regional audiences should be redefined
  • What can adland learn from regional brands and audiences
  • The WFH shift - will we see more of the industry opt out of living in big cities

Day One: Save Our Voices – Presented by SCA

Ray Martin Allen Williams Grant Blackley 

Day Two: Can Advertising Reignite Regional Australia – Presented by Boomtown

Brian Lachlan Jan Hutton Zara

Day Three: The New Normal: Work From Anywhere

Michael  Charmaine Jason Maggs

Day Four: The Future of Regional Publishers – Presented by Near

Susanna Willie Pang Christian Clark

Day Five: Fireside Chat: How Grassroots Campaign Helped Return Travellers to Regional Australia

Eleanor Erin


DATE: 30th November - 4th December