Yellow Tail takes wine seriously, so you don't have to

21 March 2017

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Casella Family Brands breaks down the over-complication of wine drinking.

Yellow Tail has launched its first Australian campaign since the Super Bowl spot in February.

The ad, created by Common Ventures, shows a group of friends enjoying dinner and takes a swipe at wine connoisseurs.

The ads aim to show the brand as a “wine for the people”, says brand manager Emma Fogarty.

“Many wine brands refer to tannins, soils, aromas and flavours but at Yellow Tail we keep it simple for our consumers. That’s what the campaign idea is all about,” Foggarty says.

Common Ventures CD Brian Merrifield adds: “Most Aussies love wine but are intimated by the snobbery some people choose to place upon it.

“Both Yellow Tail and Common Ventures want to make sure that the audience doesn't need to question the quality of the wine so that they can just focus on having a great time."

The company's now infamous Super Bowl spot received international criticism for its poor depiction of Australia.

The latest campaign will run across TV, print and OOH channels. 

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