Victorian Government uses animation to tackle electronic waste problem

10 July 2018

Creative Agency: Icon International

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The government has launched a two year campaign to encourage Victorians to dispose of electronic waste responsibly.

Electronic waste being dumped into garbage is a huge problem. Not only are there often many electronic components that can be repurposed or recycled, but often environmentally toxic materials end up in landfill.

The Victorian government is tackling the issue head on, investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste facilities across the state.

The government is also urging Victorians to dispose of their electronic waste at official e-waste centres in a new campaign by Icon Agency for Sustainable Victoria.

The integrated ATL campaign is the brain-child of Icon Agency creative director team, Rod Clausen and Ed Bechervaise, whose approach to waste education is inspired by Pixar animations and the Jetsons.

The first phase of the two-year campaign aims to change the way people think about their old electronics ahead of a state-wide ban on e-waste in rubbish bins and landfill this month.

“Rather than sending e-waste to landfill, the campaign encourages Victorians to ‘take your e-waste to a better place’ so it can be recycled into valuable metals and new products,” explains Clausen said.

“The campaign’s key creative challenge was that most people couldn’t tell you what e-waste is, let alone how to dispose of it correctly. Our goal, therefore, was to show the journey of e-waste in a fresh and completely different way.”

The campaign, which launched earlier this month, will roll out in three phases across TV, cinema, online, press, posters, social media and PR channels in its first year.

This includes a 3D film created by Icon Agency and produced by Kiwi animation house, Cirkus.

The film follows a family that shrinks and falls into a crack in the screen of an old mobile phone, followed by their fantastic journey of discovery inside the wonderful world of e-waste recycling.


Client – Sustainability Victoria

Campaign Lead, Social Change & Engagement - Kellie Watson

Campaign Advisor, Social Change & Engagement - Rennae Christensen

Agency – Icon Agency

Creative Director - Ed Bechervaise

Creative Director - Rod Clausen

Writer - Aaron Tyler

Art Director (print) - Mal Chambers

Group Account Director - Hazel Tiernan

Senior Account Manager - Joanna Raine

Social and PR Director - Fiona Miller

Senior Designer - Luke Matthews

Senior Designer - Nana Derkyi

Studio Manager - Mark Oriondo Producer - Naomi Mendoza

Production - Cirkus, Auckland

Animation Director - Christian Greet

Storyboarding - Wei Kit Yoon, Jasmin Ng

2D Design - Gabriel Romero

3D: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Matthew Tan, Roman Yurovskiy, Courtney White, Albert Zhang, Kevin Beckers, Greg Smith Animation - Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo Liu, Wei Kit Yoon, Brett Tunnicliff

Producer - Puteri Raja Ariff

Ringmaster - Marko Klijn

Sound design – The Sound Room, Auckland

Press & Poster Illustrations - Cirkus, Auckland

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