V Energy and TKT Sydney enter gaming world

29 January 2018

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO (Sydney)

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When brands get involved in gaming, it's usually just slapping a logo on an event - but not V Energy.

V Energy and TKT Sydney have launched a game modification for Fallout 4 that inserts the V Energy Drink into the game in its first foray into gaming.

Keeping on brand, the modification gives players a power-up that improves their in-game character "a bit", helping players survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

On top of that, gaming fans were asked how they would improve Fallout 4 “a bit”, which inspired a whole new quest line, new weapons, a new suit of power armour and even new loading screens.

To launch the modification, V Energy tapped two gaming influencers, Nexus and Twitch, who sung V's praises for the successful game integration.

In the first week of launch, the new add-on received a 5-star rating on Xbox One, with more than 70 reviews, 100,000
views, 20,000 installs and a total reach of more than million.

"We saw an opportunity to create something interesting for the community and had a lot of fun along the way, all based on feedback from people who know and love the game. Don’t worry, it’s not just branding plastered everywhere," Frucor Suntory marketing director Mark Wiedermann says.

“We would rather offer something to improve the gamer’s experience. We live in a time where developers are expected to keep improving games and adding content well beyond launch."

The gaming venture is an extension of V Energy's bold and quirky advertising. Most recently it launched a new product targeted at health-conscious Australians.

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