Subaru reminds Australians to appreciate the little things in life

11 September 2018

Advertiser: Subaru

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Subaru's #OneLittleMoment campaign aims to reconnect Australians through humanism and an appreciation of life.

Subaru’s latest campaign launches a social movement encouraging Australians to appreciate the little moments in life.

Called #OnelittleMoment, the movement stems from a new brand direction – “every moment is a chance to do” – and encourages all Australians to recognise, appreciate and share their everyday moments.

The campaign encourages Australians to capture an image of their daily “little moment” and share it on social media using #OneLittleMoment.

Subaru Australia’s general manager marketing Amanda Leaney says: “Sometimes we’re so busy working, parenting and living, that moments great and small are rarely recognised as they’re happening.

“We want to help Australian families to slow down and recognise the magic already happening around them in their everyday.

“It’s these everyday moments that connect us and make us all human.”

The campaign consist of social media extensions as well as a film extension of Subaru employees discussing the importance of the movement.

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