Strepsils Extra save the day in new winter campaign

27 May 2019

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Now Screen and Yes Captain have collaborated to bring to life a new winter campaign for Strepsils Extra honey and lemon lozenges.

Break foil in case of emergency: Strepsils Extra honey and lemon lozenges are the emergency extra relief for sore throats this season, in a new campaign for winter.

The colourful, zany spot for the new honey and lemon flavour of Strepsils Extra is the result of a collaboration between Sydney creative agency Now Screen and animation house Yes Captain.

It imagines an extra sore and swollen throat as a traffic jam where ordinary cars (like regular medicated throat lozenges) can’t do much to break through. But an emergency vehicle can always find a way in a sea of traffic.

This is how Strepsils Extra is brought to life, as an ambulance that cuts through traffic to bring extra relief to an extra sore throat.

“The goal was to create a campaign that would cut through the noise of seasonal advertising,” said Now Screen creative director Dana Holder.

“The bold CGI and incredibly eye-catching textured visuals in this ad bring the powerful metaphor of an ambulance cutting through traffic to life. We feel it successfully takes Strepsils in a new direction that’s hard to forget.”

The animated campaign is rolling out on broadcast TV and digital.

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