Steve Smith opens up in new Vodafone ad

21 December 2018

Advertiser: Vodafone

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Vodafone highlights Steve Smith’s journey since he was caught cheating.

Cheating in international sport hasn’t been enough to ruin Australia’s love for cricketer Steve Smith, according to a new Vodafone ad positioning him as a hero for the game.

Created by WPP bespoke agency Team Red, the spot shows Smith playing cricket and speaking to the younger generation, while apologising for the ball-tampering incident.

In March, Smith and other Australian cricketers where found tampering with a ball on field in South Africa.

The Vodafone campaign ‘Gutsy is calling’ seeks to highlight the courage he’s displayed since being caught.

“The way he responded to the situation head-on took guts, and he now admits that it was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do,” Vodafone said.

Smith said he’s committed to giving back to the community following the incident.

“I’ve certainly had some difficult days but it’s ok to be vulnerable,” Smith said.

“Everyone makes mistakes, it’s about the way you respond to it that’s really important.”

Other brands, such as Sanitarium, pulled their support from Smith since the incident.

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