Seek creates TV show to air on Channel Nine

23 January 2018

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Employment marketplace Seek has launched a branded content series that showcases the possibilities of career change for Australians.

Seek has found that 60% of Aussies feel like they’ve settled or are ‘stuck’ in their current career, which is why the brand has made a heavy investment in the creation of a TV series.

The series, which will air on Channel Nine from 27 January, aims to break down the barrier to career fulfilment by telling the personal stories of 16 people who are following their dreams.

‘Dream Job’ follows the 2017 brand campaign from Clemenger Melbourne, ‘Why Settle?’, which aimed to explore the importance of being fulfilled at work.

It was the brand’s first foray into longer form content, which it has now expanded on with its TV series.

Seek marketing director Jenn ten Seldam says: “Seek is passionate about helping all Australians find the right career to lead a fulfilling work life. Our intention with Dream Job is to give Australians confidence that no matter their age or profession, career change is achievable.”

Seek will support the TV series with digital and social campaign push, providing inspiration and educational content for those seeking a career change.

The brand is also launching a career advice section on its website that will house interviews and stories on each of the participants in the show, along with career guidance and support from psychologist Sabina Read.


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