Schick Hydro celebrates the modern man with the Man I Am

7 June 2019

Creative Agency: 303 MullenLowe

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Working with 303 MullenLowe Sydney, Schick has put a "humour-led" spin for Aussie men on the global campaign to eradicate traditional stereotypes.

Edgewell Personal Care’s shaving brand Schick Hydro has launched the global Man I Am campaign – that seeks to celebrate the unique Aussie man, shine the light on outdated expectations, and promote healthy conversations around modern masculinity.

Developed by creative full-service agency 303 MullenLowe, Sydney, the humour-led creative celebrates the "trials of the modern man".

It features two scenarios that test stereotypes – situations that can sometimes be confusing to navigate. The content aims to challenge the viewer on their expectations of what a man should be.

“We want to start conversations around what being a man looks like today, how it varies amongst men, and that it is important that we move away from a single-minded definition of men in 2019," Oceania Edgewell Personal Care senior marketing manager Di Timlin says.

“We knew that to grab the attention of the Aussie man, we needed to bring some humour using every day scenarios which men face to the table and the team at 303 MullenLowe have captured this perfectly.”

The creative will run across digital and social media channels.

The campaign also includes creative adapted from MullenLowe US.

“The brief was to take Schick’s global Man I Am campaign and make it slightly more relatable to the modern Australian man. But to explain what the 'Man I Am' means, the team had to firstly work through all of the grey areas that being a modern man kicked up, and all of the out-dated traits that they have to navigate," 303 MullenLowe executive creative director Gary McCreadie says.

“How can you be both yourself and adhere to the rules of engagement that history has laid down? It’s tricky. It gets weird. And awkward. These social videos will hopefully help empathise with Aussie young men.”

As part of the campaign, Edgewell is also partnering with Gotcha4Life this month, to celebrate Men’s Mental Health Week.

During the campaign, Schick for Men will donate 5% of all of its sales on Hydro Sense to Gotcha4Life – an organisation that seeks to encourage men to engage in conversation and to speak up and ask for help when they need it.

“Schick for Men are passionate about supporting men across both mental and physical health, on a global scale," Timlin says.

“We want to assist the Gotcha4Life team in showing men across Australia that they need to talk about how they’re feeling and what is going on with them. To open up and get vulnerable, and as Founder of Gotcha4Life Gus Worland says, to know ‘it’s ok to not be ok’.”


Edgewell Australia
Senior Marketing Manager, Shave and Skincare: Di Timlin
Brand Manager, Shave and Skincare: Deana Lolas
Marketing Associate, Shave and Skincare: Michaela Pigott

303 MullenLowe
Executive Creative Director: Gary McCreadie
Art Director: Zac Goldberg
Copywriter: Craig Merrett
Managing Director: Joanna Gray
Business Director: Alexandra Smith
Business Executive: Kristina Martin
PR & Social Managing Partner: Lori Susko
PR Director: Catherine Sumner
Social Media Director: Emma-Jaye Bernhardt
Director: Gary McCreadie
TV Broadcast Producer: Ana Pinheiro
Producer: Rabbit Content

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