Samsung slings mud at Apple iPhone

12 September 2014

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It doesn't take a genius to see that Samsung is not impressed with Apple's latest iPhone.

Samsung is on a roll with its mud-slinging, anti-Apple campaigns. in the latest it has rolled out six spots mocking the features of Apple's iPhone 6 and iWatch, just hours after the devices were unveiled to the public.

While Apple isn't overtly named in any of the subtly named “it doesn't take a genius” series, the videos show two men wearing the familiar blue shirts of Genius Bar employees, and we all know who they mean.

The series attacks each of the features of the new iPhone - bigger screens, improved battery life, and the iWatch and finishes by showing Samsung's parallel products revealed a week earlier.

It's not the first time Samsung have thrown sand in the sandpit. In 2012, Samsung released a series of ads showcasing its share-ability function against an unnamed rival.

It continued the theme in 2013 with the Galaxy S4 campaign and used the Ice Bucket Challenge to call out its rivals over waterproof devices.

The videos have only been released on Samsung's YouTube stream.

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