Samsung showcases one billion colours

8 June 2017

Advertiser: Samsung

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Samsung and R/GA release kaleidoscopic spot filmed in Paris.

Samsung has created an ad made of one billion colours to promote its QLED TV which can display more than a billion colours on the screen.

From creative agency R/GA, the spot was filmed in Paris, sometimes known as The City of Light.

Throughout the 105-second film, the camera glides through a church, pans over marketplaces, sweeps past balconies and darts through a couture dress shop, with each shot showcasing myriad hues.

According to AdWeek, R/GA group ECD Eric Jannon, who lived in Paris for 17 years, chose the city because of its architecture, the water and a lot of lights in the middle of the city.

The agency also built an algorithm the counted the colours in the film and mapped them against a 3D cube containing all 1 billion colors the television is capable of displaying with every scene was assigned a specific palette of colors.

A making of film was also released by Samsung to celebrate the campaign.

Credit list:
Client – Samsung
Agency – R/GA
Eric Jannon – Group Executive Creative Director, R/GA
Chris Northam – Group Executive Creative Director, R/GA
Oriel Davis-Lyons – Associate Creative Director, R/GA
Beth O’Brien – Associate Creative Director/Executive Producer, R/GA
Kim Edwards – Executive Producer R/GA
Simon Ludowyke – Group Account Director, R/GA
Tom Morton – SVP Strategy, R/GA
Aaron Harridge – Senior Strategist, R/GA
Jenna Halliday – Executive Project Manager, R/GA
Amie Diamond – Project Manager, R/GA
Kat Friis – Executive Production Director, R/GA
Magdalena Wiater, Nakeilla Smith – Business Affairs, R/GA
Bruno Aveillan – Director/DP, Believe Media + Quad Productions
Liz Silver, Martin Coulais, Claudia Traeger, Clémence Lhuilier, Nathalie Aveillan – Film Production, Believe Media + Quad Productions
Ashley Bernes, Rob Walker, Seif Boutella, Franck Lambertz, Sophie Lebreton, Anthony Ricciardi, Bilali Mack, Camila De Biaggi, Dorian Douglass – Visual FX, MPC
Michael Piccuirro – Senior Technology Director, R/GA
Michael Hirsch – Senior Data Scientist, R/GA
James Dick – Creative Director, R/GA
Oscar De La Hera, Scott Kundert, Sam Royston, Hana Marie Newman, Wing Luo, Lucas Ajemian, Keliang Shan – Prototype and Data , R/GA

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