Samsung pushes for harmony between humans and tech

12 February 2019

Advertiser: Samsung

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Foldable screens and tattoos by robots are some of the things featured in Samsung’s perfect future.

Samsung has rolled out a global campaign that imagines a future where humans live harmoniously with technology.

In the one-minute spot, created by Leo Burnett Chicago, people are seen viewing ultrasounds on Samsung phones, getting tattoos by robots and playing VR-video games in car parks.

The campaign, called ‘The Future, is underpinned by its #DoWhatYouCant tagline, and showcases its 5G displays and foldable screens.

Leo Burnett partnered with Human Music to include the classic song ‘Que Sera Sera’ and introduce it to a new audience.

In December 2018, Samsung overtook P&G as the world's largest advertiser, spending US$11.2 billion on ads and sales promotion in 2017.

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