Samsung launches Seven Days of Unboxing campaign for #TheNextGalaxy

17 February 2016

Advertiser: Samsung

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On the second day of unboxing Samsung gave to me… a llama

In a promotion for the release of the next Galaxy smartphone on 21 February, Samsung has brought in the big guns; a llama called Kuzco and a cute kid named Tyson.

In the first 50-second ad, Tyson is given a sneak peek at the next Galaxy mobile in a top secret warehouse. He then draws what he saw, which is rather abstract and ineligible as many young children’s artwork would be. All part of Samsung’s plan to keep us on our toes we suspect.

On the second day of the unboxing campaign, Samsung has upped its game, bringing in a painting llama named Kuzco. He is so inspired by the Samsung phone he learns how to paint.

Now, he’s no Picasso but for an animal without hands, he does pretty well.Emperor's new groove gif

Does the name Kuzco sound familiar? That’s because it’s the name of the David Spade-voiced main character in the Disney animated comedy The Emperor’s New Groove. The story is the royal king is turned into a llama. Very clever, Samsung. Very clever.

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