Racing NSW aims to cure ‘Premature Geriatrification’

2 October 2019

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The campaign was inspired by research that indicates at age 32, people begin turning into a younger version of their parents.

Are you turning into your parents? It’s an age-old problem that Racing NSW looks to solve in a bold new campaign for The TAB Everest, developed by creative agency Emotive.

Inspired by alarming research that indicates ‘32’ as the age at which people begin turning into a younger version of their own mother or father, the campaign warns of a condition sweeping the nation, coined ‘Premature Geriatrification’.

It’s a term used to describe the slippery slope into peak adulthood, in which symptoms include: weekends spent on DIY projects, getting excited by storage space, and a general criticism directed at overdevelopment, skimpy outfits, and noisy venues.

“Premature Geriatrification is one of those things that just creeps up on you. It starts with a harmless interest in lawn care, next thing you know you’re writing letters to the council," Emotive group creative director Ben Clare says.

"Thankfully, the TAB Everest ushers in a bold and exciting new era of racing for the next generation and can hopefully ward off the effects of this shocking epidemic.”


Intent on luring the next generation of racegoers to the track, the campaign asserts that a day at The TAB Everest can halt - or even temporarily reverse - the effects of those suffering from Premature Geriatrification whilst cheekily reinforcing the fact that this is the younger generations race.

“In its first two years, The TAB Everest has quickly become the race of the younger generation," Racing NSW chief operating officer Graeme Hinton says.

"With so much competition for the gambling, entertainment and leisure dollar, this campaign leans into a simple truth – no one wants to turn into their parents. In doing so, it becomes a lighthearted way of reminding the audience to get their fun back on track."

The campaign consists of a hero video and 30-second TVC, running nationally across TV and digital channels.

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