Queensland Fire and Government Services shares the true danger of floods

5 December 2017

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The new ad tells the haunting tale of someone trapped in a car as waters continue to rise. It's not for the faint hearted.

Queensland Fire and Government Services (QFES) has launched a campaign highlighting the true dangers of flooding.

The campaign, by Ogilvy Brisbane, builds on the organisation’s ‘If it’s flooded, forget it’ message. 

It addresses the results of QFES research highlighting that although most Queenslanders agree with the message, some people continue to risk driving though flooded water.

Ogilvy Brisbane ECD Phil Nobay says it was important that the creative challenged audience apathy and addressed the message fatigue that a familiar campaign can face.

“We’re talking about saving lives here, so we had a real responsibility to shake drivers out of their comfort zone. Backed by a brave client who’s determined to make real impact on this issue, we’re confronting Queenslanders with the consequence of a bad decision on the people they’d leave behind.

“Using genuine accounts of those who’ve narrowly survived driving through floodwater – everyday mums and dads – we’ve brought to life the impact that not having a plan can have on loved ones,” he said.

Research identified that a core group who continued to test the boundaries and drive through floodwaters are males, living in regional areas who drive 4WDs.

Peter O’Halloran, communications executive manager with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said: “Every year as Queensland’s storm season starts it is imperative to re-emphasise the message that driving through floodwaters is dangerous. 

“This campaign centres around how a driver’s spontaneous decision may affect other people in their life, including mothers, fathers, children, friends and colleagues.  If we can increase community engagement to understand the importance of having a floodwater plan, then it’s one step towards decreasing the number of people who have or might consider driving through flooded roads.”


Ogilvy Brisbane

Executive Creative Director: Phil Nobay

Strategy Director: Ewen Pettit

Creative: Andy Geppert, Sam Whatley, Richard Taylor, Simon Budzevski, Jack Towers

Account Director: Dianne Grice

Director: Miles Murphy

TAXI Film Production

Rosco Audio

Director: Greg Henderson

The Post Office

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