Pizza + Vegemite:The most divisive pizza ever?

20 January 2015

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A cheese and Vegemite-stuffed crust on my pizza? Cut me a slice of that.

Would you eat a pizza with cheese and Vegemite crammed into the crust? Pizza Hut hopes so, but it's willing to concede that it's a limited market.

It has devised a new crust and commercial just in time for Australia Day, challenging visitors at a backpackers to try the new crust.

In grand Australian tradition, it doesn't tell them what's in the crust before serving it to them.

The reactions to the crust are somewhat predictable, with backpackers uttering expletives in reaction to the cheesy, Vegemite goodness.

The Australians on the other hand think it would make a great breakfast.

The new crust-filling option follows on from the Yum! Brands product launching a Doritos crunchy crust late last year

The new crust is available from today, with the dinky-di among us able to get the stuffed crust for $3 extra on any pizza.

According to Pizza Hut Australia’s head of marketing Fatima Syed: “The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza works unbelievably well with any of our topping combinations and we couldn’t think of a more quintessentially Aussie pizza to launch in time for Australia Day. We’re sure our fans will love it as much as we do”.

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