Osher jumps in the car with Youi Insurance

17 July 2017

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Getting to know Andy G/Osher Günsberg without the glitz and glamour of the Bachelor.

Youi has unveiled its third episode of the web series titled 'Who’s in the Car'. This episode features TV personality Osher Günsberg.

From content agency Emotive, in this episode host Katie Burch picks up where she left off, asking the awkward questions that others won’t.

“So let’s chat about the name… what was the experience of changing the name? Was there like a moment when it happened,” Burch asks.

The series features Burch picking-up a celebrity guest and getting to know them better by asking ‘tough’ questions in her car.

The Who’s in the Car web series launched in May this year, with the first episode featuring NRL legends Sam, Tom and George Burgess, and the second episode launching a month later, featuring The Veronicas.

Youi Insurance head of marketing Fabrizia Roberto says: “We are extremely pleased with the results so far, with the first two episodes in the series exceeding all targets set. Across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the content has had 5.4 million views with over 5.1 million minutes consumed and a 95% positive sentiment.

“Ad recall is very strong amongst those who have viewed the content on YouTube, and we’re now starting to see a brand favourability uplift as well, demonstrating the brand value of giving audiences content they choose to watch,” she adds.

Check out the previous episodes here:

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