Optus and Cuba Gooding Jr team up for iPhone Xs commercial

15 October 2018

Advertiser: Optus Australia

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Optus has launched the new iPhone Xs commercial directed by Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding and featuring up-and-coming Aussie actors in the spotlight.

Optus has launched a new ad for the new iPhone Xs which is playfully directed by Oscar-winning actor and director Cuba Gooding Jr.

At the centre of the commercial are up-and-coming Aussie actors, all personally chosen by Gooding Jr from video submissions sent in of people vying for a spot in the commercial.

Under the guise of being just an audition, the unsuspecting actors are presented with Gooding Jr in the director’s chair, as well as an empty podium. They are asked to imagine what the newest mobile device from Optus is like and what it makes them feel.

What comes next are the genuine and unscripted reactions of these Aussies as they voice their visions of the latest phone from Optus, having no idea these reactions would form the final version of the commercial.

Optus head of marketing Melissa Hopkins said a phone this good, didn't need a typical advertising approach.

“At Optus, we like to challenge the status quo and with this commercial we did that. We placed up-and-coming Aussie actors in front of a Hollywood director to capture their genuine reactions in an unscripted and spontaneous reality-television style commercial, which is a really innovative concept for a marketing campaign,” she says. 

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